Weekly deadline for submitting SuperContest® picks

The 2021 Westgate SuperContest® contestants can submit their weekly selections via the SuperContest mobile app. Mobile selections must be submitted during each week of the 2021 NFL regular season by Saturday at 9:00 PM pacific time via the SuperContest mobile appEach contestant is therefore responsible for submitting his/her picks over the counter before the 11:59 PM Saturday deadline in the event that they are unable to do so via the mobile app.

Contestants/Proxies must be within the approved geographic boundary to make mobile selections.

The Westgate SuperBook is not responsible for any technical difficulties, malfunctions or any predictable or unforeseen issues regardless of whether the issues are on the end of the SuperContest app or the contestant/proxy.

Please check out the following links for the most current information:

Nevada SuperContest

Colorado SuperContest

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