The GeoComply plugin/Uninstalling the GeoComply plugin

The GeoComply download plugin is required by law to accurately determine your location. The software is automatically downloaded to your computer or bundled in with the app download.

You have the option to uninstall the plugin at anytime from your computer by doing the following (Note:  Nevada SuperBook account holders cannot access their account via website and as such will not need to download the GeoComply plugin):

  • PC: Open Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall > and select/remove the program from the list. Help video
  • Mac: Open system preferences > look for Player Location Check icon in bottom row of System Preferences window (below Date & Time, Time Machine, etc.) > Right click on the Player Location Check icon and Remove "Player Location Check" Preference Pane

Once it is disabled, you will not be able to wager on your computer until the plugin is successfully reinstalled.


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