Cancelled games

If a game is completely cancelled with no plans to reschedule, your bet will be refunded in full. However, it is important to check our house rules because some bets may not be refunded as soon as the game gets cancelled.

For example, soccer games that get cancelled will not be refunded for 8 days because they often reschedule those games at a later date. If the soccer game isn’t played within 8 days of the original event date, your account will then be refunded.

For Nevada House Rules:

  • In the mobile app:  Go to "Menu -> More Info -> House Rules
  • On the web:  Go to Westgate SuperBook scroll to the middle of the page and look for "SuperBook House Rules PDF"

For Colorado House Rules:

  • In the mobile app:  Navigate to the bottom of the main page and click "House Rules"
  • On the web:  Go to Colorado House Rules
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