In order to utilize your SuperBook account and make wagers, we are required by law to accurately determine your location.  

We use a service called GeoComply to determine your location while using our mobile apps or our websites.  The software is automatically downloaded to your computer or bundled in with the app download. 

If this service is disabled, you will not be able to wager on your computer until the plugin is successfully reinstalled.

You are not permitted to utilize any location-altering and/or VPN software running on your device while attempting to wager. We are required by law to prohibit wagering from customers that have multiple instances of running blocked programs while wagering. Please make sure that these types of applications are not running when wagering.

Supported Devices

iOS devices


Arizona SuperBook WebsiteColorado SuperBook Website /Iowa SuperBook Website  /Maryland SuperBook WebsiteNew Jersey SuperBook Website / Ohio SuperBook WebsiteTennessee SuperBook Website / Virginia SuperBook Website from a non-Chromebook device.

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