Sending Winning Tickets/Bet Slips in to the Westgate via mail

On the back of your ticket/bet slip, there are instructions for how to mail your ticket in to the Westgate to be cashed.  

Tickets/bet slips are valid one year from the event date.

We recommend taking pictures or your tickets/bet slips before mailing them in to us - as we are not responsible for any tickets/bet slips that may be lost in the mail.  

You may also send your tickets/bet slips via certified mail or via FedEx (if you would like to pay for insurance coverage).  We will not cover any costs associated with mailing in your tickets/bet slips.

If you would like to check on the status of a ticket you have already mailed in, please contact us at (702) 732-5111 and wait for the recording to end.  You will be connected to the operator and you can ask to speak to Race and Sports Book Audit.

Please contact us at for more information.

Lost Tickets/Bet Slips - Westgate Superbook

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