Setting limits on your Colorado SuperBook® account

We offer numerous options for limiting your wager activity, including:

  • Deposit per day: limit the amount you can deposit in any given day.
  • Deposit per week: limit the amount you can deposit in any 7-day period.
  • Deposit per month: limit the amount you can deposit in any calendar month.
  • Daily Wagering Limit: limit the money you can wager in any given 1-day period.

As long as you did not temporarily or permanently self-exclude, you may change your limits in the app or via the website.  If you want to decrease your limits (making them more restrictive), the change will take place immediately.

If you want to remove or increase your limits (making them less restrictive), you will need to wait until the current limit expires. This means you must wait until the end of the day for a daily limit, the end of the week for a weekly limit, and the end of the month for a monthly limit. After entering the new limit, you will see the pending change until the time limit has passed.

On the app or the website, select "My Profile -> Responsible Gaming -> Player Limits".   Scroll through the different options until you find the category you would like  to update, enter an amount and press "Save".



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