Iowa PaySafe Withdrawal Troubleshooting

Occasionally, your PaySafe VIP Preferred/ACH withdrawal request will not be successful. 

  • It may be due to a network problem or your app connection may have dropped mid transaction.
  • It may also be because you have not setup your VIP Preferred/ACH account correctly. 
  • You may be requesting a withdrawal that is over the limit that was assigned to you. 

When a PaySafe VIP Preferred ACH transaction is not successful, you will notice that the amount of your withdrawal will show as "Locked Funds" in your SuperBook account.

You can cancel that transaction, and the locked funds will be returned to your SuperBook account so you can attempt the withdrawal again.

Also ensure when you attempt your withdrawal transaction, that you have either entered your banking information or the banking information that displays is correct.

You can always contact for additional assistance.


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